Portable MPI Power Source
Range from 1500Amps to 3,000Amps
Range – 8,000 Amps to 20,000 Amps

Types of Demag System
1. Compact Table-Top with SS Chute.
2. Track & Trolley.
3. Conveyor Type.


Demagnetiser unit removes residual magnetism after magnetic particle inspection in non-destructive testing, Demagnetization of ferromagnetic parts, Industrial Demagnetizing is not an easy task, unless an effective demagnetizing system is used. It is especially difficult when the magnetic field must be reduced to a very low level.

• Demagnetizer Range depends upon the component dimensions (Depending on the Outer Diameter of the component, Demagnetizer Coil Inner Diameter can be decided)
• Intermittent Duty Cycle & Continuous Duty Cycle can be supplied
• Separate Control Panel with Tower Lamp & Indicators switches
• Input Supply 230V supply for small coil size & for bigger coil 415 V supply
• Water & Oil Proof


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