1. Microcomputer control, intelligent design, modular structure, high degree of automation and reliable operation.
  2. All internal components are highly reliable devices, with reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, small size and light weight.
  3. Language dialogue function, (speak machine) and use language prompt keyboard input parameters. The dustproof and waterproof color film panel is easy to operate.
  4. Equipped with independent training keys, automatic training generator, extend the service life of equipment.
  5. According to different output voltages, different starting frequencies are used to improve work efficiency
  6. Automatic test of the voltage characteristics of the power grid, so that various generators can be reliably operated.
  7. Have safety lock, prevent false start high pressure
  8. It has the function of delay starting high voltage. The longest delay time is 9.9 point
  9. It has practical protection function. Under voltage, over voltage, under current, over current, over temperature, and door linkage.
  10. The output power range is wide. One machine can shine on the thin plate and thick plate, and the user is easy to use
  11. Equipped with rapid plug-in for flaw detector and special cable for special equipment, it has excellent tensile performance.
  12. Equipped with safety ray indicating lamp, warning lamp when radiant is bright, warning lamp without ray.
  13. Equipped with the connection terminal of the door machine for the flaw detection room, the lead gate switch can be connected at any time to ensure safety.
  14. The cumulative number of records can be recorded, so as to understand the use of equipment.
  15. The number of consecutive shooting can be set up to facilitate users to multiple exposure needs.


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