ZChek FB – Oil-Based Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Suspension

Zchek FB is a fine blend of fluorescent magnetic powders suspended in ZChek 801 cart oil in an aerosol can.

Zchek FB is an ideal choice for high-performance inspections of precision safety-critical or high-stress components, and to extend the life of valuable mag particle equipment.




Product Properties Product Properties Product Properties
  • NDT Type: Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Particle Suspension Vehicle: Petroleum Distillate (Oil)
  • Required Equipment: Magnetizing device


Ideal Application: After secondary processing, Critical applications, High strength alloys, In-service inspections

Defect Examples: Fatigue cracks, Grinding cracks, Inclusions, Laps, Quenching cracks, Seams, Shrink cracks, Tears, Welding defects


  • ASTM E-I444
  • ENISO 9934-1, ASTM E709
  • ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel. Section V, Art 7



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