ZChek Z801 Carrier oil/ Cart oil

Cart oil is a specially formulated carrier fluid for magnetic particle

Z-801 is made with highly refined petroleum oil with virtually no odor for improved operator comfort, while the high flash point and low toxicity reduce EHS concerns.

  • High Flashpoint – Safe
  • Low odor – Operator Friendly
  • No Background Fluorescence – More Inspection Reliability




Product Properties Product Properties Product Properties
  • NDT Type: Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing


Ideal Application: Infrequently used systems, Inspections where corrosion protection is vital, On high strength alloys, When maintaining particle concentration is critical , When water might pose an electrical hazard
  • ASTM E-I444
  • ENISO 9934-1, ASTM E709
  • ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel. Section V, Art 7



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